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Mini Immortals

Kids TaeKwonDo at Immortal 365 Kids can have fun training with our mascot


Our Mini Immortals can learn TaeKwonDo +, Boxing, self defence and kick boxing  

Our Mini Immortals learn to respect their instructors, teachers, parents and fellow students

We believe that it is very important that our Mini Immortals have fun hence we mix the training with games

Immortal 365 strives to be the best in all aspects of what it does

The benefits to your child are detailed below. The factors which set us apart from the rest include:-

1. Boosting Social Skills  

2. Encouraging Physical Activity 

3. Learning to set and Achieve Goals 

4. Increased Self-Esteem 

5. Instilling a Sense of Respect 

6. Encouraging Non-Violent Conflict Resolution

7. Improving Listening Skills 

8. Developing Teamwork Skills 

9. Instilling levels of Discipline

10. Have Fun

Having fun


What we teach

Why Immortal 365?

10 Benefits for your child

children learning respect at Immortal 365 Kids learning discipline at Immortal 365 Children learning TaekwonDo from Master Steve Lloyd

You don’t get this quality of instructorship everywhere.

young children learning with our friendly tiger